Local Guadeloupe Time:


Residential trips combined with French language and surfing lessons with the possibility to engage in other leisure activities.

The magical and exotic environment of the Caribbean on the island of Guadeloupe, a French overseas department, offers teaching courses in French together with surfing on the waves of the turquoise sea. Our reputable language courses are intended to last for one or more weeks and are for students with varying degrees of expertise. Group lessons always start at the beginning of the week and last for five days.

Types of lessons:

Standard lessons based on the student's knowledge level, the pace and intensity of teaching depends on the length of the course visited, and the student's abilities. Grammar is integrated into teaching such that the student can maximise their use of vocabulary in order to be able to communicate. To help you we have selected topics from daily life and immediate perception of language, pronunciation and intonation, in a French-speaking environment. This type of lesson is suitable for students who take a short one-week course.

Intensive short courses last from 1 to 2 weeks. It is assumed that students will, under the guidance of a native French teacher, want to use their previously-attained knowledge of French to the maximum extent in order to increase their capacity to understand colloquial French language and enrich their ability to express themselves correctly and skilfully.

Combined courses are designed for students who require special learning support and guidance, as well as an individual approach and diagnosis of their skills, and who may be interested in subsequent recommendations for their further progression. Individual teaching can take place prior to a standard or intensive course or at the end, when it is necessary to decide on which direction to follow and prepare for teaching after graduating from the French language course in Guadeloupe or in preparation for the DELF examination.